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Demochange final result booklet

Result booklet

September 2012: Demochange result compilation is available now  >>


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You may use the images for editorial purposes and only with a clear link to the EU-project DEMOCHNAGE of the Alpine Space Programme. You may indicate the Copyright as follows: "name of photographer/demochange".

Any commercial use is expressely forbidden.

Member partner group Demochange: Rike Stotten, Barbara De Candido, Elmar Müller, Wegner Birgit, Emanuel Valentin, Felix Hörmann, Daniel Matti, Flurina Landis, Stevo Scavnicar, Barbara Cernic Mali, Bostjan Kerbler-Kefo, Susanne Forster, Gabriella Bovone, Guido Borelli, Nuria Mignone, Alexander Veser, Thomas Bausch, Barbara Fontana, Hans Karl Wytrzens, Madeleine Koch, Gerhard Ainz, Stefan Rieder, Hugo Götsch

Members of the DEMOCHANGE partnership institutions.


Sanja Gjenero @ sxc.hu

DEMOCHANGE: Demographic Change in the Alps





author: Kurt Kaindl for demochange

Meeting point for young people on an empty access street to a commercial area just opposite of a McDonald’s restaurant. (Zell am See, Austrian model region Pinzgau)

author: Kurt Kaindl for demochange

Resident of a retirement home. (Lend, Austria)






author: Kurt Kaindl for demochange

Elder tourists, sitting in front of a hotel in the famous touristic village Bled (Bled, Slovenia).