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Demochange final result booklet

Result booklet

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Demographic change in the Alps

DEMOCHANGE: adaptation strategies to spatial planning and regional development

The project DEMOCHANGE is co-funded by the “Alpine Space Programme”, the EU transnational co-operation programme for the Alps. The Alpine Space "DEMOCHANGE" project's aim is to better understand the past, current and future regional and spatial impacts of demographic change specifically within the mountain regions.

Therefore, it is allocated to the programmes priority “Competitiveness and Attractiveness”, which is one of three thematic fields, the Alpine Space Programme is aiming at. DEMOCHANGE is the first and currently only project addressing the important effects and opportunities that exist as a result of demographic change in the Programme.

This project will bring together the expertise of planners, regional developers, decision-makers from local/regional levels and students from the fields of planning, economics and geography. In addition, it will raise awareness among the general public, politicians and regional stakeholders for the importance of demographic change in the Alpine space.

It will also lead to the start-up of a transnational DEMOCHANGE exchange network. This network will in turn lead to an on-going transfer of the DEMOCHANGE results to all levels of planning in order to improve spatial planning and regional development in the future.

For more information go to the section DEMOCHANGE press and download our project informtion brochure. Available in English, German, Italian and Slovenian